A HYPO-sensitive 4yr old

by HopefulMomma
(Franklin, NC)

I've always discounted SPD's because I've known a kiddo with HYPER-sensitive issues and knew that wasn't my son... until I found this checklist that listed all the opposites, the HYPO side of things.

And now, SPD sounds very much like my son.

My 4yr old son has significant Articulation problems, so his speech has always been #1 concern and only treatment (up til now). But as he's gotten older, other things keep popping up... such as his inability to get potty trained, and the fact that he is terribly clumsy, covered in bruises, and never complains when he falls 100 times a day, or is Bleeding or bruised. He is also The Most loving kiddo, 1000 hugs a day. Which when he was younger was sweet and adorable, but as he gets older is almost overwhelming the amount of hugs he gives; and that he hugs strangers; and other kids in class who are running away from him; that he kissed the stranger-Santa on the face. His LOVE is awesome, but I've been asking other teachers/parents for almost a year... is it normal? (I'm a very Huggy person... he is not lacking for love at home).

And then there's more. For the past year his hyperness has been a concern, that he's Always moving! Never stops, would like to be upside down Always if possible, cannot sit still. Is Super Smart, but has trouble following directions and staying focused. I was thinking we were on an ADHD

path, but a hypo-SPD, at least according to this checklist figures a lot of that in. He's not Crazy Dangerous - at least our lifestyle hasn't allowed for that. He is cautious... he doesn't like being crazy High up, and only makes jumps he's capable of, but he's certainly not scared of trying anything new. But he doesn't know his own strength.. "Too Rough" is a statement out of my mouth All Day Every Day. He is constantly knocking himself, and me, over; and other kids at school. -- and he's a big kiddo, at 50lbs for 4yrs old - so he really Knocks you when he runs in to you. And on that, he would eat 24/7 if I allowed him, has always had an insatiable appetite and loves spicy/weird foods (so do I).

He's certainly not everything on this list, but so many hit home that I've never seen on any other development checklist I've filled out.... "likes shots", "likes going to the dentist"... I mean really?!? Yes, he likes both. No one's ever asked me that before :)

We've recently moved to a new state and he'll have formal evaluations (for speech, but everything else they have because I want him in OT) both with the school district and privately. I'm encouraged to see what they come up with. SPD is definitely something now on my list to explore.

Thanks for this great checklist to get me considering something new that makes So much sense!

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Feb 04, 2015
My son is also adopted with exposure and hypo
by: Jenn

My very verbal, very bright 3 year old child also was adopted and had prenatal exposure. He definitely has oral hyposensitivity and pushes in class, seemingly can't sit still or quietly (and yet is learning so much...?) Not sure if this is an age thing or something we need to be working on....

Jul 06, 2014
sounds like our grand daughter
by: Anonymous

sounds like our grand daughter to a tee.....

Feb 15, 2014
Very similar issues with 4 y/o daughter
by: Wild girl's Mom

I was supposed to take my daughter for her annual checkup today. I was eager to go but they were closed because all the snow here in NC. Very disappointed because my husband and I are struggling with many of these behaviors right now. I have concerns about her prenatal exposure to drugs (she's adopted) and her impulse control has been off the chain the past few weeks.

She cannot get enough stimulation and also hugs so much that now it is almost annoying. When she does it, she is so rough I feel like she is a linebacker for the NFL trying to tackle me. She also hugs strangers- especially men. She is so beautiful this could be dangerous. We have a small trampoline and a bouncing ball for her and she loved them both at first but lost interest as she does in everything. She is so defiant and deliberate. We try positive reinforcement and negative. Nothing really works. Not giving up. Nice knowing we aren't alone.

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