A mother so fed up

by Amber Ferrari
(Las Vegas)

So my 3 year old was just diagnosed with autism mind you I've been trying to get him diagnosed since he was around 18 months I noticed different behaviors and stuff that brought it to question.

He has oral sensory issues , lot's. He is non verbal though I notice him here and there learning new words so that gives me hope.

My biggest issue is, he doesn't eat.So when we got him diagnosed and get a list of places to call for therapy which I had already been calling. But in Nevada there is barley any real "help just alot of waiting. A mother with a son who won't eat, he just sucks on his food.So just sucking on your food you don't really get that much.

Yes I've tried giving him Vitamins and PediaSure Shake's, he won't drink anything besides milk and water I've tried it all.I'm just so concerned about him I've Been to numerous doctors and no help.

I've gone to actual therapist that see him one time and because of his other issues because he hasn't been working with the ABA they don't want to help they put it off or say there is a waiting list. My son won't chew and swallow his food.

He at one point would eat at least baby foods or pureed food. Yogurts only peach oh yes and the biggest thing with his foods I guess you would call him a yellow eater, only likes breads, chips cookies, crackers. You get the idea.

I've even have bought chewy tubes and chewlery, hoping if it was his muscles that would help. Nothing helps. So please help if you know of something I haven't tried.. thank you.

I have so many stories. This one's important to me my child needs to eat, chew and swallow his food. I need help. Not to be wait listed and the feeling of it's just them not wanting to take my non verbal, autistic angel on. I've been researching so much trying to find and answers.

That's pretty much how I've learned everything to do with my child. Is from what I've learned in or tried not from the so called therapy that never happens.

Thanks for listening. If you have any ideas I'll try anything I just want him to eat.

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Feb 28, 2018
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your comments. I will try everything you suggested. Do you know if there is nutrition drops that have no flavor for his milk. The ones I've tried do. If he can taste it he won't drink it.

Again thank you so much.

Feb 28, 2018
Things I recommend.
by: Kimberly

Have you tried contacting an office that offers OT(occupational therapy)? Our OT office offers feeding therapy.

Another suggestion: contact your local specialty hospital (the one with all the specialists, every state has one), ask if they have a program for "failure to thrive" patients. This is what your son's feeding issues qualify as... failure to thrive.

Also, have you tried adding small amounts of nutrients in his milk? Small amounts are something at least. Sometimes as parents something is better than nothing.

Also, sometimes something that did not take before may be retried again later, I have had success months later with my kids.

It can be frustrating. I know. We do not have this specific issue but we know other kids here who do.

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