A name to my craziness

by Keira
(Montreal Canada)

I grew up with many problems that everyone just disregarded, and many people told me to keep my complaining to myself. I am nineteen years old, and everyday of my life this 'disorder' effects me.

Repetitive movements someone will make, whether I see a leg shaking or hear their nails scratching against their skin drives me so insane I have to use all my strength to not physically hurt the person or scream and make a scene. I get overly agitated by someone touching me, and I am overly ticklish.

What angers me most, is that I have been to many therapists and I have spoken about this, and they all said it was nothing. How stupid. At least I know now.

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Aug 19, 2009
by: Alisa

The opposite is true for me if I'm rocking a leg or moving part of my self or making a strange noise and someone tells me to stop or physically stops me I have a panic attack for fear of attacking them. I'm diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but I come to realize that I probably developed OCD due to having a sensory disorder. I could never swallow meat still struggle to swallow chicken some time but cant swallow red meat. I love the taste of steak but I can not swallow it for some reason. I been told all my life I was crazy or being stupid by my mum and sister and other people.

I cant stand the feeling of the swing when I get so dizzy so fast even if it only swinging a little bit. I knock my shoulder on door frames so often because I start feeling disorientated if I turn corners to many times in short time period like if I'm cleaning my house. I also have to sweep every thing in to one pile and sit on the ground to sort it out or I get dizzy and then I develop a migraine later on if I lean down to get things of the ground more than few times in a short time frame. I've been called lazy cause I use the broom to make a pile first. I also get dizzy if I look up to much and cant use the clothes line instead I dry my clothes in a dryer.

All of me methods to avoid sensory reactions have caused people to have a go at me and there for I developed anxiety and panic over every thing. I also have been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder. That's why I refuse to be a negative to my children when they say strange things to me cause I understand that even though I may not be able to relate or even comprehend what they has trying to tell me I have to respect there feelings about the way things feel or are for them. I refuse to believe that everything my children tell me is attention seeking like many many Dr's and child workers have said to me.

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