A new understanding and removal of frustration!

by Andrea

My daughters doctor recommended the out of sync child as a possible read to help understand my physically and mentally handicapped daughter. AS I read, I could not help but wonder if you removed the physical and mental issues she faced, I would be seeing an older version of my son.

My son was diagnosed with ADHD two years ago. However, he was labels at the age of 4, by a wonderful understanding early childhood educator, Gloria, who told me I had the makings of a conman on my hand. He qualified for services through early childhood because his fine motor skills were so far behind his gross motor.

When the school psychologist observed him, he told her flatly that there was nothing different about his behavior that would warrant him being labeled. Well, unfortunately, early childhood did not agree and therefore he entered the education system label as EBD and ADHD thanks to a lovely and understand special education teacher, who suggested medicating my 5 year old so that he could reach his potential. The labeling continued.

Well 3 years later, failed medication attempts, "failing to meet his potential", self esteem suffering, mom at her complete end of her understanding and patience for HIM and his "BEHAVIORS" at school, have finally ended. After reading the book and educating myself on Sensory processing disorder, I have a new understanding for his needs. It is like I can finally see him without all the judgment and anger. What a relief to finally understand.

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