A Positive Outlook!

by sugar.puffle

I am a 20 year old female. I have Dyslexia and ADHD. I was diagnosed 8 months ago. Without any help what so ever at school, I got the grades i needed to get Uni to study Adult Nursing.

I am in the process of learning about myself. Why i do things and why i find things frustrating.

My dyslexia is mainly because of my Working Memory Deficit, and Sequential Memory Deficit. I confuse similar words, have a very irregular hand writing style, and find it difficult to formulate/structure what i want to say/write. Unlike dyslexics that find it difficult to read, I am very able to read, but it takes me a long time to process text and understand it. The same for anything visual. When i speak, things often come out in the wrong order. all of these get worse when i'm under pressure.

My ADHD, i have good days and bad days. Unlike when i was younger, i now have to control my behavior and manage every day tasks. It's extremely hard, but gradually I'm moving forward. I'm distracted by the simplest noise, movement, object, color. I get restless when sitting down, and find myself making some kind of noise which a lot people hate. I get bored with personal hobbies, which is frustrated because i have a longing to actually do them. Time management is hell. I can remind myself about something, and stick a huge note on the wall and still forget about it. i very rarely start something and finish it. I often say things with out thinking, which has affected friendships in the past. I cut in conversations and get really defensive. When some one is talking to me, i get distracted visually, and start examining the color of their hair etc. I have a panic attack when my day plans are changed. i have extreme insomnia, and have experienced sleep paralysis. I have the inability of switching off my mind at night, and get i restless in bed.

I could go on and on about these, but what's caught my attention on this sight is sensitivity to sound and smells. This is me all over. But i don't know if it's because of my dyslexia/adhd. I think

it is possible to have both adhd and a sensory processing disorder.

For as long as i can remember, i have smelt things. I always got teased about it at home. But if you gave me a pencil, book, anything, i would smell it. Especially food, if i didn't like the smell, i wouldn't eat it. My mum thought this was they way i identified things. I have really narrow nasal cavities and had them enlarged because it affected my breathing at night. But i still smell stuff, it's weird. there are some smells that make me gag (that wouldn't normally affect a person) but most of the time i find them intriguing.

The sound is a big one. A soft repetitive sound will drive me crazy, to the point where i'll burst out and let everyone know i'm pissed off. A room of different conversations going on at the same time, gives me a huge headache, i often end up crying. I do however listen to slow/soft music, to concentrate my thoughts at night, because i focus too much on surrounding noises.

I want to share this with everyone, because by this you might conclude that i need serious help, but I'm an adult slowly learning and changing my every day routine. And I'm doing this without medication.

I have received the full support of my uni, which have supplied me with lots of equipment and software to help my study, and i have a person study skills tutor. by nature i'm a quiet person, so these internal frustrations every day give me hell to deal with because so many people don't understand. Its only made me more determined to raise awareness and show that it's ok to be different. the world would be boring without us :D

To all those who have kids with a disability/disorder: There will be other parents that will never know what you experience, and that can be hard because they can't relate. my parents and i have a wonderful relationship despite all these things, because at the end of the day we're family, and no matter whats said or done we love each other to bits.

note: i was utter hell from the age of 2 onwards! hehe


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Feb 26, 2012
by: Rosanne


I am so happy your are doing well despite your challenges. However it must still be frustrating for you. May I suggested a central auditory processing assessment through and audiologist who specializes in CAPD and a visual processing assessment with an optometrist that specializes in visual processing. There are easy therapies for each and they deal with all areas of capd and visual processing. This might help you with your auditory and visual distractions. In addition as you correct these systems you might find other sensory issues are reduced drastically. My son has capd and my daughter has VPD. They function so much better after the therapy.

Just a thought so life can be a little easier. You obviously have the determination and with a little therapy you might remove some of you existing challenges.

take care

Nov 03, 2010
by: Rachel

I agree about being positive for any child, but especially for a sensory child/person! Can only be a force for good!

Yes his OT is working with the school, us and his teachers are all on a steep learning curve! Like you say, you know no different so it's our job to inform him so he can move forward in his life.

Oct 29, 2010
by: sugar.puffle

You are most welcome!

I wasn't even expecting anyone to reply. I just kept reading people's posts and they were making it sound like the end of the world.

All of the things i mentioned are things i deal with, every day of my life, but it's normal for me. I don't know what it would be like without them.

You have the ultimate advantage of actually knowing whats wrong. I always thought i was just slow, and stupid. The greatest thing you can do for your son, is learn with him, and not treating it like it's something that will prevent him from achieving (which is what a lot of parents on here sound like - that is from comments i've read). I had teachers that thought i was an utter time waster, i had a teacher that said i'd never make it to university, and a lot of the time i got de-motivated and had extremely low self esteem. But i still got through it all, because i have extremely supportive parents, who have always encouraged and praised.

Unfortunately, there still isn't enough known information about SPD (i know that) I've looked, and looked, but it's not widely known at all. But don't stop looking! We are learning all the time. This site is the best i've seen so far, for information.

Have you notified his teachers? Awareness of his situation could help :)


Oct 27, 2010
by: Rachel

I have an almost 6yr old son who has just been preliminary diagnosed by OT with SPD. We are British, and SPD is hardly known about here. As a result, we are trying to find out as much info as possible... and doing this very much alone as no support groups etc for this disorder here!(well, not found any yet!)

I just wanted to say thanks soooo much for your post! All we have is info as to how to help our boy/family/school etc but no point of reference as to how as an adult he may be. You have shown that he'll be the same but hopefully not out of the loop because of it!

I would just like to wish you the best of luck at uni and your very positive looking future :0)

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