A way to strengthen and exercise hands, fingers, palms, wrists, and arms

by Kali

So in being a music student, yet coming to it relatively new I lacked some of the strength in my hands. I hand no problem pressing down the strings of my guitar, but this has helped tremendously, and it works whether you’re a musician, or if you’re just wanting to strengthen your hands, and it’s a cheap way to do it. Brilliant for anyone lacking the fine motor skills in their hands, or still having trouble with them, as a lot of us SPD’s do. It’s called a ‘Varigrip’, and it’s made by Planet Waves. We ordered ours from Amazon.com. We only paid about six dollars for it, and it really does work! It’s made to strengthen fingers, hands, wrists, palms, and arms. I just wanted to share in hopes that others could benefit from it as well.

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