A Weight Has Been Lifted

by Donna
(Surrey, England)

My son was diagnosed with SPD in January this year and what a huge weight this has lifted from our shoulders.

I have always known that he was different. He would have melt downs, where his behavior would spiral out of control. He would hit his friends for no apparent reason and then not understand why they wouldn't play with him again. He'd have endless energy and would find it difficult to concentrate at school, make noises that he was unaware of, put all kinds of inedible objects into his mouth, be distracted by noises and people, use any excuse for a movement break and hated changes to his routine. Clothing was another issue, as certain materials and styles irritated him and he would constantly change adjust his clothing.

One the other hand he is a caring loving child and longs for hugs and kisses says the most beautiful loving things that would melt any mothers heart.

For along time we tried behavior management which helped a little, but he seemed frustrated with us. After long consultations and assessments with speech and language therapists, occupation therapists and a team of pediatricians and physiologists the diagnoses was very apparent. Since then we have gone from strength to strength.

We have learnt so much as a family about SPD and he is a much happier child for that. Our lives have changed for the better and I can't thank the professionals enough for all there help. We have introduced a sensory diet into his daily routine and brushing techniques to help desensitize his skin. Theraputty and a theraband to aid his concentration and he also has a sit ā€˜nā€™ move cushion to help lesson the constant movement breaks.

Our only issue now is his school, who despite his diagnoses continued for a long time to use behavior management in the classroom with often devastating results and I felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall with them. I am trying the educate them, but although they doubted me at first they have started to introduce some of my recommendations into the classroom, and finally admitted to me that they actually work.

My son, like us all, only has one chance in life and I will do everything and anything to make sure he gets the care and education he deserves.

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Jan 27, 2011
We must be raising the same kid
by: Randi

You described my son in your post. Thanks for the suggestions in your post.

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