Abbeys mum

by P

Abbey is now 6. But she's always been different. We used to think it was so cute when she was 10 months old and she would sit on her bottom with her feet in the air if she was to walk on grass or sand. My heart broke at 16 months old when she refused, screaming, to have a bath. Our patience was tested when meal time after meal time she would lose it if different foods were touching each other and even then would only eat plain boiled rice or plain pasta. And god forbid we have to go to the shops. The list is endless and my patience was tested every day.

We always accepted the fact that she was special, her first word was bottle, clear as day, at 10 months old and if she insisted on not wearing underwear and legging and long sleeve shirts in the middle of Queensland summer.... So be it. She's our special girl. So we are now in year one and it's all come to a head. The socks!!!! The silly school socks which are not available anywhere but the school would see us be late everyday because of another emotional meltdown. We are used to that now. But now she is pushing her friends away wanting to be left alone. No play ground time for our special little girl she just doesn't cope with it. We went off to a psychologist last Friday after the biggest meltdown on the Thursday. She couldn't tolerate the socks, couldn't tolerate getting out of the car at school. And couldn't tolerate going into the class room once we got there. Really I don't blame her. It had been the worst morning ever. She didn't want to come home so I picked her up, me crying and her crying and off to the guidance councillors office we went. What a nightmare

After seeing psyc it all made seance, all these behaviours that seemed so cute were simply her not coping. Sensory overload. Today was better although far from spectacular. But hoping an OT will help us out in the very near further

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