about my process with my son

by paulette etcheberry
(deerfield beach, fl)

Hello again,

my son used to love play soccer and man he really scored! we were very proud and supported his wishes to play in the team. Last year, however, we noticed that he wasn't responding when the ball came near him and the only reaction we could get was a simple paralyzing attitude, he will not move and felt lost in the middle of the field! Later on we discover Spacial Awareness and realized that his propioceptors were not really connected with the space he was standing while playing; his body and mind were two separate countries and he really felt lost he couldn't coordinate his legs to shot at the ball and make a pass or even stop a goal when trying to be a goalie.We were embarrassed and wanted to leave.

One day, while he was totally walking around when others were playing, I sat next to a woman who happen to be a Speech therapist and also worked at the same place Brandon went to therapy she was very compassionate and told me "if he is here that is a step", so don't be frustrated because he just doesn't have the sense of oneself in the world, figure it out yet, that's why he is slow, so give him time ... boy I really felt better that day because I knew that this will be a process that might take a different way of knowing my son, and that he needed my support and not my frustrations. He doesn't go anymore and we don't want to push, but he is very active and lots to jump around so maybe later we will try something else because he is active and never stop, so he plays with my husband and wrestles with him.

School is a great place, he loves his teachers and since we have been doing Speech Therapy and OT, he is communicating better and participating in music class I feel bless because I know we can help him and that's all I care right know. The treatment can be expensive and the insurance doesn't do much either, we owe thousand dollars in deductibles, so it is making my husband really nervous because he wants to get an estimate of how many more sessions does our son need... they can't tell me that yet so we will have to really tight the belt!

At the end of the day he is the most important in our lives so his well being is priceless to me all I want is to see him get better so he can be self sufficient and happy.

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