Adams Mom

by Jacklynn
(Kansas City,Mo.)

Hello my name is Jacklynn and I would like to share my son Adam's journey. It was at 6 months old that my son just completely stop eating anything at all. I rushed him to the emergency 6 times in two days and they just kept sending him home. He was loosing so much weight and so fast. Once again I rushed him to the emergency room and they finally admitted him. They were testing him for everything that you could possibly imagine and when they couldn't find a diagnosis they turned to us and started accusing my husband and I of neglect. We have seven children and have raised all of them to be healthy happy and productive people in society. We were more than shocked and hurt.

How many nights we cried ourselves to sleep because we had no clue of how to help our gorgeous little boy.He was in the hospital 5 months when DFS came and took him from us. I will never forget that day. I held him so close to me tears streaming down my face and swore to him that I would go to the ends of the earth to bring him home and that's exactly what we did. It was deemed after months of fighting DFS that indeed it was a medical issue and nothing that we had done.

My son is now two and I have been researching everyday for almost two years for they still do not have a diagnosis for him. He is on a g tube and has been since he was six months old. Just the other day I came across this website and I couldn't believe my eyes. He has every symptom for oral hypertension. Not once in all the months of testing Adam has any of the doctors or therapists mentioned that there was anything like this out there. I have made an appointment for Adam to be assessed and I just want to thank God and this website because without it we may not have ever known. All the self guilt of wondering if it really was something we did yet knowing we hadn't. All the pain and heart ache and bless my little boys heart for he has been such a trooper. You can have faith that I will be making it better known to the world of these disorders. We have got to make them known. Thank you and my son thanks you.

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