Add their favorite character/ food name and try breading new foods

by Debra
(El Paso)

My son has sensory issues and will hardly eat any wet or slimy foods, which unfortunately means most fruits, vegetables, pastas, legumes or meats. If it's breaded, he will try it though. So obviously, chicken nuggets, cheese sticks, hushpuppies w/ minced veggies and breaded shrimp, are a winner, as are sandwiches and quesadillas for masking thin pureed veggies or other foods as a spread. Also, try buying Disney ziplock bags with Cars, Tinkerbell or even Toy Story Ziplocks to bag unfamiliar food items. We offer "Toy Story Apple Slices" and "Cars Oranges" to just peak new interest and get them to consider what they'd say 'no' to at first-glance otherwise. We also buy Sponge Bob water bottles and refill them with vegetable juices or even more water to keep them drinking healthy! Tiny plain M&M's work well for getting them to try new foods, too. One bite or taste equals one M&M for new food trials. Good luck!

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