by mariah

Its aderall day, you know what they say,

You can clean your house, a much better way
You get energized, and feel revived
Yes of course, you can just take all five,
this really makes you happy, and in a cheerful mood?

It will help if you are fat, cause you won't need any food?

Are the feelings you get, that hard to describe?
Does it give you high hopes, and really good vibes?

Tell me some more, what else will this do
I can sure do much more, if I take another two
Let me start off, by telling you all this
if you start taking aderall, its a hit or its s miss

You either like, it or you don't,
And not saying that you won't
just so its clear, prepare for some fear
Anxiety and depression, is also near

Don't forget psychoses, as some of you may know this
You'll also start to panic, or become a schizophrenic
You may get constipation, most likely dehydration
Your jittery, and you'll shake, your body starts to ache
Personality starts to fade, your life will then seem fake

Your also really mean, although you may not notice
All that lack of sleep, definitely will show it
You than begin to realize. Your aderall was abused
This is what will happen, when your medicine's misused

So go ahead and try it, cause maybe you don't care
Just know that I am right, I know cause I was there.

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