by Myra Kruzer
(Asheville, NC)

Story would be long one...

However, want to clarify your position on what is my understanding and EXPERIENCE --- Namely that there IS a difference between the 2 Diagnosis of ADHD and ADD.

Primarily, girls succumb more to the ADD. ADD is ADHD, but ADD is without the hyperactivity. Rather, a tendency to daydream, look into space, be in a different zone... there is also the inattention, and being easily distracted... but not the HYPERNESS or need to run and move constantly...

I ask you this because your site is so important to me right now as i am trying to assess what is happening with my beloved 2 1/2 year old grandson... Don't want to alarm parents... yet they know 'something' is askew.

Another part i am wondering about... the Sensory Overload child can seems to turn inward.. protecting itself from overload. ADD or ADHD kids are usually friendly, and get along well with people in short interactions... (though hard to be with in long term adult relationships for dropping the ball so often... losing things, etc etc)

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