by Sharom

My daughter was crawling at 6 months but didn't walk until 18 months of age. She was a big baby so I thought her late start in walking was due to her finding it easier to crawl.

Once she began walking there was no stopping her. She had boundless energy and could walk long distances for her age.

Initially I thought her constant falling and tripping was normal. However, as the months passed, I became concerned. She would fall over repeatedly, walk into things, bump into people,trip up in empty rooms and spent more time on the floor than upright.

She frequently fell causing me to trip over her, we were almost run over on 3 occasions. If there was a table in the room she would somehow end up crashing into it. I took her to our GP who didn't take my concerns seriously. Nursery said she was a very busy child with a short attention span and that she flit from one activity to another.

She would cover her ears and cry whenever an ambulance or fire engine siren went by, she reacted in the same way when other children were crying near her. The noise of traffic as we walk to school has her holding her ears.

She picks up everything she sees, puts things in her mouth and cannot seem to stop herself despite being told not to. She has broken every piece of my jewelry and make up. I had collected various things whilst travelling the world, she has damaged or broke most things.

When I ask her to do a simple everyday task like brush her teeth, it turns into an hr of her running around, refusing to cooperate, climbing on furniture jumping

off the back of chairs etc. Until she either falls or I get frustrated and shout at her. Either way the ensuing crying, kicking banging the doors and shouting at me can go on for up to 3;hrs.

My daughter is incapable of backing down. Once she has said no I don't want to, she will not change her mind, no matter what punishment I throw at her.

I dont agree with smacking, however, I lost my temper one night. It was the bedtime routine and as usual she refused to get into bed. After getting nowhere and her arguing with me for some time I smacked her bum, I instantly felt terrible, until she said that didn't hurt.

Her angry outbursts, intentional provocation,blaming me for anything she does wrong and any mistake she makes, refusal to comply with any request, inability to read when someone is on the verge of anger, constant loud talking, jumping, climbing, banging and lack of consideration for others feelings is alienating her from me and her peers.

She didn't sit down until she was four and rarely sits down still. I think she has adhd, spd and odd. But I haven't gone to our GP. After last time I doubt they will take it any more seriously than before. If she behaved the same way at school she would have been sent for assessment

However at school, which she says is boring, she does well wig reading, writing and math she plays with other kids and isn't rude or disruptive, yet.

I fear it's a matter of time before she does exhibit the same behaviour at school but that the damage that will have been done by then will affect the rest of her life.

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