by finding scented toilet roll weird right now

im just wondering if it's likely that i could have both, or if it's just one of them.

i was told that i had adhd (predominantly inattentive) with dyslexia. I'm an adult, and after reading your list for adults, i realised i had a fair number (OK A LOT) of issues that related to the list.


I'm excessively ticklish ( to the point where my reflexes have done damage to others).
i'm always fidgeting, moving, playing with my ring, tapping my fingers, shaking my legs.
Sitting and concentrating is a huge task for me.
I'm always chewing the ends of pencils and pens.
I bite the inside of my cheeks and lips, frequently, or chew gum to move a part of me when i have to be quiet and still.
I have ever since i was little, smelt things. give me something i'll smell it. if i don't like the smell of something i'll stay away from it. (and that can be anything random).
either have extremely high/ or low energy levels.
Extremely bothered by surrounding noises, get irritated easily. but need something i can listen to (one sound) when doing mental challenging tasks, to stay focused.
get extremely distracted by certain colors, moving things/people, sounds, smells...
Light (bright or dimmed) actually leaves my eyes watering/ burning. it gives me headaches.


cant' stand dirty hands and nails.
I love the feel of things. (not velvet though because it's not soft both directions when you brush against it!) i still have my teddy, and constantly feel his ears.
i can't sleep if the room isn't dark.
have terrible sleep issues, cant settle myself, takes me hours and hours. i've dealt with insomnia for some time, and sleep paralysis.
have an auditory processing disorder, so can't remember verbal instructions/ directions. can't sequence.
very hard to get motivated.


extremely stubborn
i cry over things that seem hugely worrying to me, which don't to others.
very hard to finish tasks, hardly ever finish personal tasks.
i like to be in control.
i find it easier to do activities alone, developing friendships are really hard.
hugely impulsive
always frustrated because i have to live through these things every day, and no one understands.
im very unorganized, but routines are how i live.
very low self esteem and confidence.

please anyone... ??

im just trying to understand more about it. i live with it, so it's all normal for me. am i just weird??

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