Adopted 4 Year Old With ASD/ADD, but no PSD Individual diagnosis

by Alisha

My son has been diagnosed with ASD, & ADHD, and has even attended Occupational Therapy. But, he has not been specifically given a diagnosis for a PSD disorder. Strange. But, I think that doctors and therapists lump them all together into just plain 'ASD'; as his doctor stated. Or either into primarily ADD, with behavioral and Occupational issues. He also has sporadic temper tantrums; which indicates OCD. I wish that I could make it mandatory to have therapists include this checklist for all parents, so that they could easily identify the symptoms of a sensory disorder.Not every child exhibits obvious ASD/PSD symptons, such as 'smelling all of their food before they eat it', or 'erratically jumping off of furniture'; like my son. I also had training in children, with behavioral problems; since I Fost/Adopted him; so I kinda knew what to expect. However; I wish that doctors and therapists would give parents, the benefit of the doubt. And understand that we need more information, in order to help our children. This is a wonderful list.

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