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by TexasCC

Our precious boy was adopted (foster care at two days old) and was exposed to alcohol and drugs daily prenatally. His behaviors did not start really emerging until about 16 months old. He is super tough-nothing hurts this boy. But with that comes aggression, poor impulse control, meltdowns, banging into things when he gets frustrated, self biting, etc. I have three children by birth and I am a teacher of many years.... his behaviors were not normal.

Many pediatricians threw up their hands and said "Fetal Alcohol Syndrome... well, just discipline him like you would any other 2 year old" but traditional discipline and even time out would just escalate some of the tantrums.

This checklist was given to me by a friend and I still can't believe I have found it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I now have a place to research!

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Aug 10, 2010
Adopted w/ ASD/ADD/OCD & no PSD diagnosis..
by: Angelmommie Alisha


I just wanted to let you know that I am going through something quite similar. I have a 4 year old, with diagnosed ASD,but the doctor was not quick to say OCD;although I see all of the symptoms. That is the main problem. And he was diagnosed by a Neurologist. He also was adopted at 4 days old, just like your child. And his mother had a history of drug use. So..we expected some form of Dev. Delay. But he has started Occupational therapies, and they have still not clearly stated that he has PSD & OCD. I have found this list, and am grateful. But am in the same boat that you are. Because of his young age, it may be hard to define his tantrums from OCD, but the sometimes violent, sporadic episodes are obvious. His ADD is obvious. And they did correctly diagnose that. I think that most doctors will lump them all together, because he was going to a specialist at the Children's Hosp., and he just called it ASD. He said..'Now we just call it ASD'. Whatever..what does that mean? It doesn't give us much help. In fact, this site has given me way more information than what they cared to offer me.

Sorry, don't have much more to give. But, I think that most doctors will recognize one or two symptoms of a disorder, and call it that. They won't directly analyze all of the individual disorders, as they really should. That's the problem. So, obviously we are trying to deal with the OCD outbursts first, and don't have a clue what to do for treatment; beside vitamins. Signed. Frustrated ASD AngelMommie.

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