Adult SPD support

I am a 41 y.o. with SPD. My "sensitivities", as I've called them over the years, are difficult to cope with; trichotillomania began at age 5 and is largely under control, and manageable. Skin picking ("smoothing out" or "fixing" uneven cuticles, etc), less so. I had always figured these problems to stem from minor OCD, but until reading here, had never considered them related to SPD. Fascinating! My question, what resources might I tap in an effort to find relief? I have a 3 year old who is learning to tip toe around me, since I react to unexpected touch, sounds, and bright light as if a bomb has gone off. It breaks my heart.

Was never diagnosed nor treated as a child, and even though I'm an educator with a master's degree in special education, I don't know where to begin to deal with the SPD issues that are disruptive to my life. There are many resources to support the developing child, but I'm finding it a challenge to find resources for adults.

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