Adult SPD

My daughter was diagnosed with (and treated for) Sensory Integration Dysfunction as a toddler. We worked with this all through her childhood.

Then the help, advise, information disappeared. Busy with her entry into a devastating teenage-hood, I also let my commitment to the SID journal, the meetings, and the search for new therapies go. She was too old, too big, and resistant to brushing, which just seemed to have failed us.

I would appreciate being pointed to any research on continuing support for this disability. In her adult life it has: Rendered her up to being classified as Retarded, Developmentally Delayed, Autistic, A Personality Disorder, and Impossible to Deal With.

She is the bravest person i know. She has adapted amazingly to sensory inputs that used to destroy her. She has tried to adapt to life as it is for her as a lonely, 'retarded' person; incredibly she is still a person with love in her heart and hope for a better future. Is there anything at all i can learn to do that will make life with an SPD a bit easier for her?

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