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I am in my 40's. My SPD is mainly sound. I can not be in the car with several people talking. Can not handle the radio on and our child in the back seat with any sound on any handheld device.

While watching a movie there must not be another source of sound distraction.

The dogs nails on our hardwood floors w=can drive me mad.
Though this does not over load me each time, it can build up.

Example: past weekend, neighbor came over in am. I was awoken to his dog running in the house with my dog, then his child came to play with my child. I came downstairs. Later that day we had dinner with neighbors and friends with autistic son. OUr is adhd. constant noise. Next day boating with five families and 7 kids. Now migraine, complete over load, I have IBS so its fully acted up.

NOISE is everywhere. I literally can hear silence! Fridge running, unbalanced load in washer, car alarms. Every nerve in my body a mad car alarm, it pulses and threatens a fight or flight instinct. HELP?

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Nov 20, 2016
Crawling Inside
by: Anonymous

I understand. I thought it was something wrong with me for a long time. My family (especially my mom) don't understand. They think I am just overreacting. Like I have control of it!

I have a really bad problem with noise. People talking loudly or low (whispers), chewing or crunching, tv too loud, radio too loud, certain voice frequency, too many noises at once.., the list goes on and on.

It doesn't seem to stop there, and I haven't always been like this. I am not sure when it started or if it just gradually grew. I can not pin point it, but some days it is overwhelming to the point I don't leave my bed.

I avoid shopping when there are crowds. I have panic attacks just shopping for groceries. If I somehow fight the panic attack, it is like I go full on zombie. I will continue to shop for my needed items, but I am zoned out and can't focus. It feels like the entire world is in slow motion and I feel like I am creeping at a snails pace. I hate the holidays for this reason.

My mom likes to pick and tease that I have developed OCD because I have a few things that drive me crazy if they are not done or done correctly. My kitchen has to be spotless for me to cook. (if it isn't and I try to cook, I physically feel like my skin is crawling). To complete tasks, I have to have complete organization or I feel overwhelmed. I have to break my tasks down or again, I feel overwhelmed.

I don't like to be touched UNLESS I initiate it. Not even from my children or spouse and that really bothers me. I love my children and husband.

I am easy to anger. I feel physically ill when I get angry. My head feels like it is going to explode, like it is burning hot and I have a hard time breathing.

Odors are awful. I can't stand bad odors. I will instantly get a headache and with some odors I become nauseated and gag.

Occasionally I can keep myself in check. I can volunteer for events at our local state park.... I just focus on the one task I am assigned and the hand full of people that visit me every few minutes. I have instances that I feel overwhelmed, but I try to stay calm and focus on breathing through it. But the next day, it feels like I ran a marathon. I am physically and emotionally drained.

I am with you on not understanding how to control it. I don't even know how to make my family see that I am not just overreacting. :(

Jan 06, 2016
I can help
by: Deeper

I know your pain.

Try the pink, brown, and white noises here:

Or you can search for hours of brown noise on youtube. Listen with headphones, ear buds.

I have trouble at the movies with popcorn noises, so I put on pink noise at a low volume and I can hear the movie again.

I have lots of trouble at work from people clicking and typing. Without simplynoise, I would be screwed.

Sep 10, 2015
by: Anonymous

I know this feeling, today I was walking through town where I was already feeling overloading with all the different noises and then a police car turned on its siren right behind and zoomed past. The sound made me feel like my head was going to split open and it left me feeling flustered for awhile.

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