Adult who has almost everything.

by A. Girl


I'm 26-years-old European girl, and could check off almost everything.
I'm thinking about seeking some help for it, but don't know where to turn to.

I've actually adapted well to society, considering everything, but know now that
every day is an unneccesary struggle.

I was born a preemie at week 27 or 28, they weren't completely sure.

I've got mild cerebral palsy diplegia. A neurologically disorder and some mild cognitive difficulties.

I've also got synaesthesia, high IQ, bordering OCD and some autistic traits, but without completely being any of it.

I'm in some weird twilight land.

I've got plenty of friends, a job, studies at a university and is doing well, which is also why i've never been in contact with "the system" or it would might have been discovered earlier.

But then i can be very pensive and melancholic and then happy, almost ecstatic the next and full of love to give.

When the sun shines i feel like i can conquer everything. I'm very sensitive to light.

As a child i would fight with my parents about jeans. I hated them because the rough fabric hurt my skin and the seams felt like torture against my skin.

I can't drink anything that is has a thick liquid substance, and i can't eat anything that is hard and then liquid inside, like some chocolate is.

I'm constantly constipated or has diarrhea.

I loove wild rides. It can get wild enough and i loove high places. As a child i would climb up in the very top of the highest trees i could find.

I'm a thrill-seeker.

There is some textures i can't touch. kind of rough fabric that bulges,

it makes me feel like gagging. Like it's in my mouth and all my insides are on huge waves. It makes me kind of sea-sick.

I can't be in a room too long, with anything that is shiny and metallic. Like some kitchen tables are. It feels pointy, cold, depressive. (Synaesthesia)

I'm a language wiz, and has an exceptional long-term memory.

I can't deal with heat above 20 degrees C. I've fainted before from heat. And when it's cold, i get so cold that my lips turn blue, even though everyone else is fine. My hands and feet are always cold.

I'm extremely sensitive and has an almost supernatural way of detection "vibes" from other people. And my mood changes to whatever mood they're in.

It makes me very empathic and a good author (which i am) but not a very good comforter. I'll cry when someone else is crying, i'll break when they do, but i'll also be ecstatic over-the-moon happy when they are.

I'm most comfortable with people who are quite happy and stable. Not too many rollercoaster rides.

Sugar effects me more than other people.

I'll remember everything you've ever told me about yourself, and i can spot every secret anyone has in a room (who's cheating on who, who would like to strangle who etc) but i can't remember simple tasks like how to turn on a machine that is different from the one i've got at home, even though you've told me a million times.

The list goes on...

But all i really wanted to say was thank you for having this site, it was extremely helpful, and it gave me some important insight about myself. Thanks.

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Sep 16, 2012
my admiration
by: Ana

thank you so much for sharing your story. I am very happy to know you are doing so well. I admire you a lot. My son , who is 22, has a mild cerebral palsy and also many of the issues you are mentioning in your story. He is in college and his life is always complicated due to his sensory problems. He tries hard and he wants to become a lawyer
Take care, Ana

Sep 13, 2012
RE: adult who has everything
by: Anonymous

Hello! I am a mother from the Philippines. I am glad that you are happy and that you finally understood and knew yourself better with this site. Good luck! Have fun along the way.

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