Adult with hyposensitivity(?) and sleep problems

by E

I'll tell you what I've done that's mostly worked.

Weighted blanket

Ear plugs (I think the pressure in my ears helps)

Melatonin or Unisom (trazodone worked well also)

2000 ui Vitamin D with breakfast

High dose of magnesium with dinner

Eating something right before bed

A massage of any kind from my husband (firm hair stroking or a foot rub have had the best results)
Long, hot shower

I still expect to wake up for about 1.5 hours around 2:30 am. Planning for it, embracing it, and enjoying it help me get back to sleep eventually. And a 3 am snack helps too, some kind of bread with a lot of butter on it.

Hopefully that helps someone out there.

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Mar 21, 2022
Thank you
by: C

Thank you for sharing these tips! My teenager is often going through this same sleep struggle. It is comforting to not feel alone in this. It is hard to explain to other people how difficult sleeping is because of SPD. A lot of times, I feel like people don't believe us or they try to fix it by saying things like--maybe go to bed earlier or turn off the screens. :( If only it were that simple. We also use melatonin (but have to make sure we take it early enough or else the morning wake up is tough) and have found that if we keep the house lights dim starting pretty early in the evening, it seems to help as well. What will work one night may not work the next night--that is the hard part. And now with daylight savings time--ugh, just add that to the mix and it has been an extra exhausting week. Thanks again for sharing and making us feel not so alone in this. Wish you the best.

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