Adult wondering if I have sensory disorder

I am 30 years old and I can remember for a long time not being able to tolerate scratchy clothing, tight clothing, turtle necks, etc. I did not like it if it felt like there was anything in my sheets and I remember being itchy at night. Tags in shirts and in underwear would drive me crazy. Ticking clocks drove me crazy.

As an adult I can usually cope with most things during the day, but when I am tired at night my legs start to get jittery, then my whole body, I feel the need to move around and cannot sit still. I also get itchy and the itchy and jittery sensations become so intense I have a hard time focusing on anything and my thoughts get disjointed. The only thing that really helps is to go to bed immediately (or it escalates)and sometimes eating. I do not like being touched at night, especially light touch, but also someone leaning on me or putting any body weight on me, I feel trapped and it feels like my body involuntarily lurches away. I do better with wearing itchy or tight clothing and turtle necks, but as the day wears on, it drives me crazy until I have to rip it off. I stand on the outsides of my feet at all times. I hate getting anything sticky on my hands (syrup, wing sauce, marsh mellow, etc.) I love to feel soft things like baby blankets. I must sleep with a heavy cover on even if I am hot.

Does this sound like a sensory disorder? Like I said I don't notice most of the symptoms during the day, but when I am tired it is out of control. My husband makes me go to bed as soon as he sees my legs start getting jittery.

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Aug 09, 2011
by: Mike J

Do you think the clothes sensation is more of a pressure issue or tactile? Do you have SPD, well I am not a doctor. I don't know if I really have SPD but it?s the only thing that fits the bill for me and I need to associate my madness with something. Dang, the funny thing is that when you share your issue with people they immediately want a label and without it, it?s like you have no claim. So if the shoe fits, use it. Ground yourself with something that makes sense so you can concentrate on the issue which is getting through the day and trying to improve your way of life.

Your case sounds interesting. Sounds like tactile but if elastic clothing like socks and underwear are worse, you may want to consider pressure as well. Ummmmm. I know for myself that I have to calm things down in order to feel integrated with my senses. But, if I want to participate in an activity, I have to go for it 125% effort to get my body to click. There is no in-between. But for me to get really going at 125% and experience ZERO misfires, I must strength for about 25 minutes. This teaches my mind to know or feel where my limbs are so that I am in well command of my body. This is kind of like brushing where you take a brush and massage your whole body to get your senses in order.

Do you have set routines to get things going? I bet you have tried tons of different types of clothes. Now I cannot stand pressure and elastic items drive me nuts but not wearing underwear can be hazardous. I have a tote, a huge tote full of at least 6 brands of underwear and every type ranging from snug to very loose in size. From this I have one brand and size that works but it has taken years to figure this out. Also the same with my shoes, pants, shirts, and the list goes on. I never knew how much agitation one simple item produced until I started to experiment. Now I can work on other bigger issues to help increase my quality of life?.

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