Adults with sensory processing disorder

My husband seems to have sensory processing disorder. He is delayed in responding to simple questions and also delays before beginning any new activity like driving, proceeding after a ref light, leaving the house or going to bed. He has difficulty interpreting a question. After a delayed response his answer to a question is not whats being asked. Sometimes it takes me 3 or 4 re-interpretations of a question to get an answer and sometimes I give up out of frustration.

He has had an amazing career as a mechanical engineer at a major utility company and we have been married for 42 years. I always made excuses for him and would automatically answer for him when conversations became too confusing with others. He always throws the blame of his confusion on others. Although frustrating, I have learned to live with this. My fear is that this affliction will lead to dementia or Alzheimers. Should we seek professional neurological help?

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