Advice on how to help almost 4 year old

My almost 4 year old seems to have some of the symptoms of SPD. They don't cause a major disturbance in her daily functioning or our daily routines however, it is obvious that she has some difficulties.

For example, there is only one pair of shoes that she will wear currently and they are about a size too big. All of the other shoes she complains are too tight. She also cannot stand to have her hair in pony tails because she complains that the ponytail holders are too tight. She used to have issues with the lines on her socks but that has decreased significantly. If she gets a speck of water on her clothing, she has to change clothes immediately or she gets escalated. Otherwise, she functions very well in her preK and at home. She doesn't seem to have any significant social issues other than she is very active. I am just wondering if others have had similar issues and do kids "grow out" of some of the struggles or is it something that definitely needs OT or since it is not causing major problems in her life, it can be something she just lives with? I am just trying to figure out if I need to be doing something else or just "living with it."

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