Aggression in children with SPD

My grandson is in the early stages of being diagnosed. But, all the literature seems to describe his behaviors. One of our biggest concerns is his aggressive,destructive behavior... is that connected? He's being raised just like his previous siblings, but, is so different in this area.

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Apr 10, 2009
An interesting book
by: Mandy

My son also has SPD and shows some very aggressive angry behavior (although he is sweet loving kid) I am reading a book called the What your explosive Child is trying to tell you by Douglas Riley. It is very interesting and does answer some of my questions.Hopefully it can help you!

Apr 04, 2009
Aggressive behaviors
by: Kim Sullivan

My son was terrible. His is seven now and he is not aggressive at all. The best thing is to focus him on his body. We would have him count to ten and take a deep breath, not in a condescending way but along with him. We would talk calmly and try to do things like heavy work. Limiting TV and computers to as little as possible helped. Before and after TV he still has to do activities, he now understands how to calm himself better. It was a rough many years but keep at it and know it can improve. I know the frustration and difficulty, but it can improve. Good luck and thanks for helping him at a young age, it makes all the difference.

Apr 03, 2009
by: char113

Dear grandmother,

I want to tell you that the "aggressive" behavior may be your grandson trying to get the tactile stimulation he needs and in order to get it he may be fixating on another child with by pushing, hitting, kicking, or even crashing into the other child. Please do some more investigating into this disorder. This has nothing to do with how the child is being raised, it has to do with what his body needs at that time.

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