Aimee SPD?

by Aimee
(Manchester uk)

Im 25 I'd never heard of spd before until my son was diagnosed and I did some research. I now believe that I too have a sensory problem. As a child I was known as the clumsy one I couldn't read or write or tell the time until I was approaching high school and now I am very disorganized and messy and my friends would describe me as lazy.

I find it hard to concentrate and am easily distracted. I have a hard time maintaining friendships as a result I have few friends but I do like my own company. If anyone could give me there opinion or advice as to what to do I would be very grateful. thanx

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Oct 10, 2011
Help for SPD
by: Teresa Anger

Buy or make yourself a weighted vest and/or weighted blanket! You will have the best nights sleep ever in your life under one of those, which will leave you actually feeling refreshed when you wake up. As for the vest, it should help to make you calmer and at least a little better at the concentration issue!!! Good Luck. I know how it feels to be that way! I kind of felt like a duck out of water!

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