Alex 2010

by Cathy

My son wasn't walking at 18 months so I took him to see his pediatrician who suggested some tests at Seattle Childrens Hospital. This is where I first learned about Sensory Processing Disorder. The Drs at Childrens Hospital suggested I contact our local Birth thru 3yr old for therapy. They helped greatly. Got us a main lady who helped with assessments and got us a speech and ot people who came to our house once a week for a year and a half until he turned 3.

Now he is in developmental preschool 3 hours a day 4 days a week. He has greatly improved but is currently having some set backs. We had a small bout with seizures which only happened 3 times but he had all the tests done and they only found a small amount of brain damage that happened in vitro which would be the cause of his delays but not seizures. We have been seizure free for a year.

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