All Alone

by Karen
(Orlando, Florida)

I'm 59 years ago and up to about 15 minutes ago, have lived with my eating habits with the thought of being the only person to have such peculiar ways and habits.

I was always a fussy and picky eater. My family loved to eat all kinds of ethnic and gourmet foods. I went to the best restaurants. Growing up in Brooklyn I was exposed to every food imaginable. I HATED IT. I can tell you stories of how my father put wonderful food on my plate and I would start crying. By the time I was forced to put it in my mouth I was not only crying; but choking on it. Just the thought of the food made me sick. The SMELL. Those smells triggered my brain to say "no". I looked like a hamster with it's cheeks full. My father made me swallow it. I made sure it was in ity-bity pieces. If I ate slowly... then I wouldn't have to put anything else in my mouth.

My choice of food has not changed. I eat no condiments, no pickles, no salad dressings, no fish, no strange spices, no vegetables except carrots, lettuce, celery and potatoes. I like most common fruit. I know...... I'm missing a lot of good foods. I eat beef, pork and chicken grilled, fried, baked or rotisserie d.

The thought of eating something NEW sickens me. I smell everything. I think my sense of smell is sharper than normal. The sight of so many foods turns my stomach. My brain totally says no. At 59 years old I don't think there is anything that will change me.

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Feb 19, 2009
My 5 year old refuses to eat
by: Anonymous

I have a 5 year old son, who stopped eating baby food when he was between 17- 18 months old. I tried everything to get him to take a bite, including games, peek a boo, everything I could think of but he just refuses.

I took him from doctor to doctor who just said, it's just a "Phase" it will pass.. or he is just being a "picky eater" and this is a "phase" children go through.

My little guy lived on soy formula, then at 3 we changed him to organic chocolate milk, he has drank this organic chocolate milk since age 3. He eats very limited foods, gold fish crackers, natural chocolate and this is all that he will eat.

We had a 3 part swallow test and the test were normal. It was recommended to us,that our son has SPD.. he has other issues, melt downs and has refuses to go to sleep at night.

We will see a group of specialist next week to continue the search for help and try to figure out how to help our son as much as possible. He loves the color green, can't stand change, must repeat things over and over again, has no since of boundaries when we are out in public, the list is endless.

I never knew about SPD until it was brought to my attention because my son covers his ears when he hears a sound that is not even loud. The hair dryer sends him in to a panic state.

I am just now reading a wonderful book called;
"Sensational Kids" by Lucy Jane Miller.

Feb 05, 2009
What should i do
by: Anonymous

I am interested in your comments because my son eats like you except no meat. We have started taking him to an OT and she has him try different foods, first looking at it, then touching with fingers, then lips etc. He hates the entire experience, surprise surprise.

Should I just let him be? I am concerned for his health (he eats crackers and fruit) - otherwise I wouldn't care what he ate. Do you wish you had had some help when you were his age (10)?


Nov 22, 2008
No need to change....we are all unique!
by: Val

Dear All Alone,

You are not alone! Everyone is unique and we all have our own quirks. If you are not comfortable eating certain foods, then you should not eat them and not feel bad about that. If you do not eat a particular food that does that affect other peoples lives? Of course not! It should not cause a problem in yours either.

I hope you are not angry at your parents for making you eat as a child. As parents, I am sure they just wanted you to be healthy and did not understand your food sensitivities. As an adult, stand up for yourself and explain that you have sensitivities to certain foods and that is why you do not eat them. If someone is offended by that, then you know who your friends are or who is not.

I have claustrophobia and do not put myself in "tight" (literally-ha,ha) situations. My family knows this and accepts it. I ignore those who don't.

My eight year old son has Sensory Processing Disorder. He is learning how to calm or soothe himself and working on not bothering others with his own sensitivities. He has made remarkable improvements. We are learning to accept his quirks and uniqueness, and tackling the ones that interfere with daily living. He is doing well and we love him for who he is. I hope you love yourself, just the way your are!
Bless you, take care!

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