Almost five and no potty training in sight

by Mary

OK I am now thinking of starting cloth diapering on my soon to be five year old boy who is 47 pounds.

He is very delayed developmentally, and going through nine, yes, nine pull-ups a day. Does anyone know how or where to buy cloth diapers for a child of this size?

I have a feeling this is not anywhere near over, and diapers will be in our future for some time to come. Please help!


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almost five and no potty training in sight
by: Anonymous


I have a 10 yr old autistic boy.

He was trained by Dad to pee standing 3 1/2 or 4 i can't remember. Bm started later. My son would only bm in pull up and hide anywhere in the house. I slowly worked on it, at first I got him to stay in the bathroom only to do Bm in his pull up and slowly got him closer to the toilet.

Then I was told to get rid of the pull ups. but i had a stash in a locked suitcase that i only knew was there. he would not sit on the toilet to afraid of the sound and probably going down the toilet...too much of a concrete thinker...

I also did everything from put a hole in the pull up, rip the pull up and tape it on the toilet seat to get him to get over his fear of sitting down on the toilet. I would use motivators, edibles or anything highly motivating first sit on toilet then goldfish.

I want to say this took a year. then in june while away at my moms in florida. she gave me the idea that as soon as he starts to grunt go in the bathroom and sit him down to bm. Timing was of the essence. my son was minimally verbal so he's not that high functioning. I had a party too for all happy and singing and rewarded him with edibles... ohh and had him watch the potty video too and read potty books too!

Medical assistance paid for my son's diapers and they were Goodnights the kind for kids who are bedwetters.. Do you have that where you all live?

Good luck! I remember it being a long process but once you find what is right for your kiddo and things start to click then you will see the light.

I feel your pain
by: Anonymous

My daughter who has significant delays also wears pull-ups. Fortunately, she is tiny; approx 32 lbs so size is not our issue.

The crazy thing is that if she is left "Butt-naked" while in privacy at home, she will go in unprompted to use the toilet for either #1 or #2. I think the coverage creates some sort of sensory issue.

She is also very sensitive when wiping.
Open to feedback as there are days when we are at our wits end.

I dont have any great advice, but wanted you to know you are not alone.

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