Almost three and she screams for no apparent reason..

by Debbie
(Ontario, Canada)

I'm a care giver and I'm currently watching a little girl of 32 months. In the first few days of watching her I sensed she had a sensory problem but didn't dwell on it.

In the first few days I noticed when she was playing she would get upset if anyone joined in while she was playing alone, however she would be ok if she joined in a group. She has very limited communication skills they are almost nil. She will repeat what you say but never says anything on her own except for my name and mommy/daddy.
In the following weeks I noticed any loud noises could set her off even if a child stood next to her but this doesn't happen everyday. We could walk into a room and if she sees something she doesn't like she starts screaming.

I've tried talking with her mom and mom says she doesn't believe that...shes upset because shes constipated(ok yes she was constipated), or she has an ear ache, or her cold is bothering her. Mom is no contradicting what she says..first claims that it never happens at home then says it does time to time.

But in the last 2 weeks her screaming has escalated to the point I can't even leave the room, I stand up and move she screams, I get snack ready and if I'm out of eye view she screams almost panics.(she has to be with me constantly,I can't go anywhere without her being at my side)

She loves to give hugs and will go up to complete strangers and get hugs, this bothers me but mom says shes just a very huggable child.
I should also add the child does have an anxiety problem because of the hair twirling and hand sucking, throughout the day I have to get the knots out of her hair. I put her hair up and shes trying to pull it out so she can twirl it.

I'm baffled by the child's behaviour because I really feel theres something else wrong. I want to help her but fear if the child goes elsewhere the problem won't be looked at.

Open to any suggestions.

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