Alternative methods for stepping around sensory

Hey, guys. Decided to look this up just to see what people are saying about it, and thought I'd drop something here.

I don't have much recollection of sensory therapy, though I know I've been through it. Brushing skin, suits that go under clothes, you name it. Sensory used to not be all that bad, but suddenly worsened about a year ago, in August of 2012. Before then, I'd get hypersensitive about once or twice a month for a period of several hours, usually around four, I'd say, but that bar of hypersensitivity raised to the norm around August. I'm not gonna go into detail, but let's just say it's quite crippling.

From then on, normal sensory therapy didn't work, and I had to find my own way around it. So, I learned to control my sense of touch. Sounds preposterous? Have you ever heard of tulpas? Think of it in that sort of light, except with sense of touch rather than anything else - something that overrides my normal experience/perspective with one I learned to generate.

I'd been doing that for years beforehand, but I really had to push myself when it worsened. Nowadays, I have excellent capability for placing my own visions over that which I am supposed to feel, among other things.

I wouldn't advise trying to wrangle your senses, as I get several side-effects of trying to do just that from time to time, such as migraines, disorientation, etc., and I used to get those all the time when I first was learning to do this, but at least migraines are treatable with aspirin, whereas hypersensory is not. Not to mention that it will put you in a unique situation, so while there are those who could give you advice on tackling things like sensory, this would be something you'd have to learn to do on your own. However, if the situation truly is that bad, it may be your saving grace for tackling other parts of life, like jobs or college or things.

Hope this helps someone!

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