Always been the odd one

by Elizabeth

Throughout my early childhood, elementary school, middle school and High School I was always referred to as 'that weird girl'. I only had one or two friends in high school and was their third wheel, usually being the brunt of their jokes. Family even spoke my name with a slight smile and a distant look. Mom would tell me I was 'special'.

I was a loner all through life, referring to myself as a self made hermit. That was how I managed through most of my life.

My first marriage was a disaster because the in laws couldn't tolerate my uniqueness and what my husband saw as lovable soon became embarrassing to him when his family started belittling me behind my back. Eventually he became violent towards me when I "refused to change".

Luckily, my second husband has some of the same sensory issues and completely understands me! Our children are Molotov cocktails of SPD, but we all get along just fine in our little world. My husband and I have learned by trial of fire to navigate the social world and our children are learning from us the best forms of navigation.

I am so grateful to know there is a name for our "unique nesses" and after 55 years of being bullied, mistreated and misunderstood I know for sure I am not crazy!

No one in our small family fits any ASD or PDD completely, but we now have hope and support in helping our children grow into successful, independent adults.

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