Always Knew He was different(was told my son had SID at 19 months)

by Brittany
(Green Bay ,WI, Brown)

Hi so I have a 23month old who is know working with occupational and speech theray for about 5months know! We were told he had SI or SPD!!! As a baby he hated the swing, he was colic and as hes getting older he always running thought the house non stop; he like to run into things and jump on the chairs and jump off the chairs onto his blanket! We are working with birth to three who have been a big help! His OT is dealing with a spin board and brushing and joint compressions twice daily! he also now sleeps with a weighted blanket to see if it'll help him stay asleep!!!!

My son will be two next month and lately alot of people have noticed that he's not like other kids! We go into public and hes hyper all day, and he has speech delay also so hes l=not yet talking! These people stare and say comments which I think people need to realize that just like autism that SPD is out here and they should watch what they are saying! I was told my son will have problems in school because of his SPD and his speech delay! We have this great DVD that helps him learn sign language Baby Signing Time works great my three year old learned soo much from it and signs throughout the day my son has picked up some and helps me understand what he wants! I love my son and daughter the same SPD wont change that hes the greatest little man and enjoys being funny! I notice him spinning every night before bed so thats were the spin board gave him a save way to spin and clam himself! once again thanks to Birth to three and my family for the support I really needed! Oh and we noticed something different before his doctor who kept telling us everything was normal which ends up three months later to him starting this therapy! but if you notice your child may be different speak up the sooner you get help the better for you and your child!!!

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by: Rona

It is so sad that your son was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. I know how hard it is to lead a life with a child with SPD as my daughter is also having the same issue. May God bless you and your child.

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