Amazing from day one

by kelli w.
(st. louis, MO)

My daughter came out of the womb crying and fussy, this continues to the present day she is 10 and has always been different. 3 severe ear infections before 2 yrs old made her extra sensitive, has to plug her ears with cotton just to run the bath water. very particular child. cries whenever someone changes their tone of voice with her. misinterprets many conversations. a "loner" at school. difficulty with reading comprehension but can work and fix any problem with a computer. has always liked to take things apart and put them back together. could do a 500 piece puzzle at age 7 but need a lot of 1 on 1 help at school to focus. speech and language is delayed and she is easily frustrated when she cannot quickly respond verbally. so happy to find a web site that relates. no other diagnosis has defined her like this one.

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