An awful summer...

by Ann
(West Central Florida)

Now that my son is 9 and he has grown into a very large child 130th percentile on both weight and height we have more issues than ever.

Over the summer every program he was in had complaints and most lead back to SI. He couldn't sit still, listen or didn't want to participate in a field trip that simulated a hurricane, earthquake and fire. Or, some much old and smaller children wanted to play the "bumping game" while waiting in line. MY child bumped into another child and that child got hurt. Who's fault was it? The 12 year old that started and fueled the whole thing or my then 8 year old. UGH

I had him DX at 3 years old. Did over 4 years in OT until we really we were not seeing any progress. Thought with all I learned I could go it alone. YEA, right. I have spent more time explaining him to teacher and people of authority in his life and now... really don't know what to do.

Yesterday I received a call from the owner of our dance studio. It was recommended 3 years ago that he start martial arts or dance to help regulate his body. His sister, 4 years older dances in a performance company and he was already there, waiting. For a sensory child that is very hard to do. So when they decided to add a Boys Only class he was all over that and excited. First, the class was taught by a young 19 year old woman who had experience at dance but not in a all type of children way. What made the difference... the student that helped with the class was a sensory child as well and took my little guy under his arm. The other thing... the other boys were MUCH older but smaller. Only one other child was his size and he too had his issues. The student thing worked out.

This is his 3rd year. They asked if he would like to try tap dance. During our annual appointment with the Ped. he said they have found tap dancing to be good for

children with SID, though I have not found that in writing anywhere. So.... I get a call from the owner of the studio. My son was a terrible disruption in class. He didn't listen and spent the whole time running around the class. OH, by the way, he can not take the tap class until he can listen to the now 21 year old teacher. And, OH by the way, she was teaching alone without the student teacher.

So now what? I call our Ped. who finally called me back after 7pm this evening. He felt if a class, any class isn't structured a "sensory" child would have difficulty paying attention. And, a boys only hip hop class with lots of music, little control would be difficult for him. Tap would be better. But, I was told he wasn't welcome in Tap.

So now what? He loves dance was looking forward to seeing his friends and trying a tap class. Though I have never been thrilled with the organization or teacher in the class he has been in and now without the student to help... About the dance class... do I
a. push to see if he does better in tap class than in hip hop with a different teacher?
b. do as the owner of the studio says and tell him until he can listens in class he can't take tap. or,
c. with the early problems in the very first dance class, pull him out and find something else?

Then, over all... where to now? It is the same problem for the past 4 months. Sailing camp, nature camp, at friends houses and now dance. Can't listen, hold still, acting out, yelling. OT was not longer helping or the qualification of our OT didn't help. But it was at All Children's and did wonders in the beginning when he couldn't cross the mid-line. Tried the diet, didn't help at all. We are going "Handwritting without tears" to help in school. NOw what? I am thinking it is time to turn to meds though I really don't believe in them. Suggestions? I am all ears?

Thank you in advance, Cheryl

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Sep 11, 2010
mom to mom
by: Anonymous

It sounds like you are trying hard to help your son. I really wish I knew something that would help. I will say that my husband and I were not fond of meds either, but it got to the point that we had to try some. Our pediatrician doesn't push them but we talked it over and decided it wouldn't hurt to try. So far it is helping. We couldn't get my son to sit still and concentrate at school, but its getting better. And he isn't dragging acting or anything. The ped. said if they act that way the med isn't right for them. Good luck!

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