An Email To The Vice Principle

by MaryC

I heard from my Aspie's school social worker. The BAD NEWS - he typed an email to the vice principal, reported being bullied, threatened hurting another student, and told a classroom assistant to leave him the F- alone.

The GOOD NEWS - he typed an email to the vice principal reporting that someone was bullying him. I know, it may NOT be good news, BUT my verbal, high-functioning son who communicates differently, has difficulties with social interaction with others and staying calm under times of stress, took it upon himself to stay calm, organize his thoughts, and ask for help... to alert an adult that he was being bullied, and he did it in an organized, well-written email.

So many times children don't report being bullied, but my kiddo did!!! Did he use the socially-unacceptable words by saying someone was going to get hurt soon if he didn't stop bullying him, yes, BUT he has autism and communicates differently, AND he asked for help.

I am a proud mama today!!!

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