An extremely sensitive journey

I'm a sophomore in high school I'm sensitive to several different things.

Here are the things that I'm sensitve to:

1. Singing, humming or whistling of a person. I have to wear headphones basically to any place I go where there's music with words. Instrumental music doesn't hurt me though. Every time I hear singing, humming or whistling of a person I literally shake and cover my ears because it hurts. It's basically a panic attack that I can't control. It feels like my head has just been placed in a tub of ice water or it feels like the sound of nails on a chalk board.

2. Hugs and kisses. Every time someone trys to hug me I turn to my side because I don't like to be trapped. I can be hugged on my side but not the front. I also don't think I like to be touched on my stomach because in P.E. class when we get on our stomach to do streches I get my stomach off the floor because of the way it feels. I also don't like to sleep on my stomach. The sound and feeling of being kissed hurts me.

3. Being surrounded/ being in the middle. I don't like crowds, it like gives me a panic attack sometimes. If I was at a table with a group of people to eat I wouldn't sit in the middle I would have to be at one of the end spots because I wouldn't like the feeling of being in the middle.

4.Steam. If I open like a dishwasher or the oven I literally sprint away from it for like 10

seconds or whenever the steam is over because I'm sensitive to the steam. I don't take showers because they are seem very steamy, I only take baths.

5. Loud noises. I don't like fireworks, I don't go to the fourth of July fireworks because there loud. I heard that when I was little my dad took me to fireworks and once I heard the first sound of fireworks my younger sister and I screamed and ran away opposite directions from each other. Also when we would go to parades where the cars would drive and if one of the cars had singing music or fireworks I wouldn't like it. It's hard to go high school basketball games because of the crowds and it being really loud.

6. Certain clothing. I don't wear tight clothing like jeans or anything that would be to tight for me. I also don't like dresses or skirts. I don't like the type of flip-flops that has the string thing that goes through your first and second foot. I don't like hair bands it hurts my head. I can wear hair ties though in fact I wear my hair in a pony tail all the type except when I do things like get my hair cut, go to bed, get it rubbed, etc.

7. Sudden sounds and touches. It hurts if ever I'm not prepared to be touched or hear a sound that I didn't know was coming. It like my brain needs to be prepare for things to happen and if things come unexpectedly it gets really difficult and there nothing that I can really do about it. It is what it is.

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