An understanding companion

by Nicki Adderley
(Cape Coral Fl)

My daughter is six years old and about 18 months ago was diagnosed with SPD. The jigsaw pieces started to fit and suddenly we understood the reason for the difficulties she was facing.

We have found a wonderful Occupational Therapist who understands her and has helped her in ways unimaginable.

Her Charter school has brought in extra help in the classroom for her and the results have been clear for all to see. She has made a really good progress.There really is light at the end of the tunnel,finally.

One of the reasons for writing this is that I wanted to share with others the amazing ability our wonderful Labrador "Boca" has had on our daughter.

He was an unwanted stray in a local animal shelter on borrowed time. Everyone agrees the difference he has made to our daughter. He follows her everywhere and has an amazing calming technique for our daughter.

He is always ready to play in the pool or keep her company. Listen to music or watch a movie. When we collect her from school we have no more tantrums in the car if Boca is there wagging his tail and pleased to see her.He is an understanding friend for her.

That is truly a success story for all concerned.
Our journey has been a difficult one and at times we have despaired at what to do to help her.
We still have daily challenges to face and obstacles to get over.

Some days she is out of sorts and we have learned to let things go that aren't important. The path is at times a rocky one but she has a wonderful character that makes us laugh and smile.

The main thing is not to be hard on yourself. You can only do your best

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Feb 12, 2009
An Understanding Companion
by: Anonymous

I have story read your story about your daughter. How a dog can change your daughter's behaviour. My daughter suffers from Dyspraxia. She is also deaf and wearing glasses. She always go to bed with her soft toys. You know what they are, they are puppy soft toys. She sleep with it every night. We cant have dog in our home due to my other 3 children have asthma. but we do have her aunt who have a dog name lucky. My daughter loves that dog. I do believe it does have a calming effect on children with SPD.

Feb 11, 2009
Congrats on success!
by: Anonymous

Nikki, what a wonderful and heartwarming story! My heart felt happy to read your loving efforts on behalf of your daughter - she's very blessed to have you as her advocate and also an understanding companion -- aren't dogs great therapy?? I'm so excited that your daughter's school is supportive and that things are going well for her.....what an encouragement for all. Thank you for sharing your wishes for continued successes and more blessings! Sue (IL)

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