And I thought I had Autism

by Stephanie
(Alberta )

All my life I've known something was wrong with me, but no one could ever figure out what.

in the past couple years my mother and I started suspecting autism, but after reading through this checklist I'm not so sure.

Many of they signs of autism do cross over with the things I've just read, but there is so much more here that I've noticed about myself than I've ever found on autism sites.
getting a diagnosis still seems impossible though, no matter what I've done in the past everyone but my mom has just written me off as annoying and weird.
(the idea that I might need help rather than scorn doesn't usually get through.)

I couldn't keep a count of how many signs of this I recognized in my behavior, but just about every category had one or more thing.
downright frightening when you read something like this and spend the whole time going "that's just what I do!"

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Apr 24, 2011
consult for you
by: Anonymous

IF you find yourself in some of the symptoms is probable that mild ASD. Many people discover the internet by checking the list of symptoms. I do not know what age you, but consult a psychiatrist to improve your life.

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