Andy Cobden

by Andy Cobden

I have only just come across SPD and it all seems to make sense to me when I look back on my childhood. For many years I believe I had some form of OCD when I was a child, I would hold a toy building brick in each hand of the same shape and colour as an example. Even to this day walking down the street going from one coloured surface to another I always lead with my right foot! I was also a fussy eater, still to this day I cannot stand the thought of tomato(s), ketchup, pasta sauces, beans and a like on my plate, even the thought of it now brings a ball to my throat. I have improved massively over the last 10 or so years, I ate only mashed potato sandwiches with lots of butter, and raw carrots with the occasional bit of chicken breast. And I still like to eat things evenly, I can't just have one sweet if offered, I must have 2, it spins me out if there is an odd number of sweets in a packet as if I give one away it means the person I'm giving it to will be eating an odd number, so I purchase 2 packs just encase, unless I know that it's already an even number in the packet!!!!!!

Weird I know, but wait, it continues. Having just read all about the tactile aspects of SPD, even the advance knowledge that I will be talking about velvet (phew managed to type it) makes the inside of my fingers want to stick together, clenching my fists, and I become short off breath, if not stop being able to breath. However I can take this to another level of.... Oddity..... Socks, not being able to wear socks with seams.... Pfffft!!!! Get this, I can only wear (touching my feet) white socks. Amazing considering I wear suits to work. So, every day, no matter how hot, I wear a pair of white socks over laid with a pair of black socks..... Great fun! Family, friends, and work colleagues all think, regardless of my ALL my quirky dispositions, that this sock problem makes me weird.

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