Angry daughter with OCD

My daughter is 9 years old and has been diagnosed with ADHD and OCD. Her doctor has prescribed her medications (five pills a day) which seems to work for a short time (about a month or two) and then gradually I can see her anger returning. I hate the thought of piling medication on top of medication. I don't know how to help her. She can be very hurtful, especially to her immediate family members, saying mean things.

Her anxiety level seems to increase if we enter a store. She wants to purchase something and if she doesn't get it she gets very angry. I know this sounds like a spoiled child, and to some degree it may be, however, her level of anger is so high it's frightening.

During the times when I notice her cycling into one of her episodes, her personalty changes and she becomes sillier, hyper, etc. This especially confuses me because one minute shes angry and one minute she's being silly. I have noticed her doing things such as closing the door a certain amount of times or pressing a button on a toy a certain number of times. This behavior has seemed to increase. The first doctor we went to diagnosed her with OCD but then changed the diagnosis because of how she reacted to the medication that was prescribed: Paxil. On this medication my daughter became very loving, to the point of it being very strange, constantly telling me how much she loves me how great I am over and over. When the doctor heard this she changed her diagnosis to bi-polar because of her reaction to the Paxil. We decided to get another opinion and where told it was ADHA with OCD.

I am very confused and concerned. She often tells me that I don't love her and I want to hurt her, and gives graphic detail as to how she thinks I would do this. It hurts me terribly that my daughter would think I would want to harm her or that I don't love her. I always reassure her that the thoughts she is having are not true and that I love her always and would never harm her. Has any experienced this type of behavior? What do you suggest? I also have a 10 year old daughter with ADHD and anxiety.

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May 28, 2016
Angry & fighting 22 year old daughter w/cerebral palsy who doesn't speak
by: Anonymous

My daughter is becoming worse with her mood swings, fighting, & seems unhappy. I've always made sure she was as happy as I can make her but over the past 5 years she seems to be getting worse. Idk what to do. Dr's said maybe frustration due to her not able to talk,but now I'm at a breaking point. All I can do is cry after trying numerous times to accommodate her in the best way I know when she shakes her head no to everything u ask of her, whether it's to eat, drink, clothes on, getting out the car. I AM IN NEED OF HELP ASAP

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