Annoying clothing

I have a 7 year old son who up until a a year and a half ago was the most easygoing child who would wear anything. When he started school things changed dramatically. It started with his underpants bothering him and moved onto pretty much every piece of clothing bothering him seams in socks are a problem too. He has one favourite t shirt which is ok one day and the next when he puts it on he has to rip it off because it is so uncomfortable. He is very affectionate but will wipe all kisses off. He is very easy to anger. I have tried OT, Bio medical testing and am waiting to see an allergist. Nothing I do seems to make much difference for him. I feel bad for him because it is so hard for him to handle. We have good days and we have very bad days. It just seems strange that it came on when he started school.

Could it go away as quickly as it came on or can an SPD come on at any time.


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Nov 10, 2010
The trouble with clothes!
by: Betty, Vancouver BC

Our daughter was the same. With time I managed to establish a pattern and came to realize that although the feeling of her clothes appeared to be the problem, it was actually underlying anxiety causing her body to react by become overly sensitive to the feeling of her clothes.

I would never have pegged her for an anxious child but I now look back and know that the separation away from me was what was putting her into a state of alarm.

I was trying desperately to fix her clothing but it was her anxiety that needed working on. Her upset with clothes masked the problem for us. She would not be able to find clothes that felt right...because it meant we were leaving the house. The same with socks and shoes. The socks were the worst as it was the last step before we left the house!! Funny how her pjs seldom bother her...because you stay at home in your pjs...right??

I always recommend parents take a look at the Gordon Neufeld website. He has a parenting approach that helped me to see my daughter for who she really is, rather than the SPD label that was given to her. She is a different child now after changing my parenting methods with her.

Sometimes it is not what you see...but how you look at it.

All the best,

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