Another adult with SPD

by South

I'm 24 years old and I've had SPD my whole life, but only discovered the "term" for it a few years ago. I'm hypersensitive to touch, texture, sounds, and tastes mostly. I've been able to deal better as I age, like I've become less sensitive to sounds and am trying to force myself to try new foods. Dad doesn't believe in SPD and thinks I'm "trying to be difficult," which is kind of amusing since I've been this way ever since infancy. Mom talks about how I used to complain about how people smelled as a toddler and I have congenitally low muscle tone. I can't do simple things other people take for granted, like going to the beach, because sand bothers me so much. Interestingly, I'm not on the Autistic Spectrum, though I did have OCD symptoms throughout my childhood and adolescence. SPD is definitely real: I don't want to be this way, it's not a choice, it's a neurological condition. It makes life challenging for me and people don't understand the ways I experience the world and often invalidate my struggles.

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Dec 05, 2011
i have it too
by: Anonymous

I completely understand. i am 23 years old, and have SPD. i never knew the term for it. i always thought it was ocd. as a child i would pull the neck of my shirts until they were all stretched out, cut out tags, wear my socks inside out, and had a very hard time changing my clothes. it is definitely a real problem, that many children and adults face. i was recently diagnosed with aspergers as well, and have ocd and tourettes. i guess a lot of these disorders like to travel in groups lol. i am looking for some help as well and would love to know if you know of any resources for adults, and if you are currently receiving supports. i hope and pray you get the support you need to help you cope.

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