Anxiety and OCD symptoms in 4-year old

by Mindy Fay
(Plattsburgh, NY)

My 4-year old was identified as having SPD when she was younger, and received OT services from the age of 9 months until her 4th birthday when she was discharged. She is now suffering from anxiety that can be very extreme at times. She continues to have difficulty with clothing, dislikes being dirty, dislikes being carried or riding in the car, and continues to be a picky eater. Lately she has begun to fear and tantrum for an hour about germs, sticky things, and things that happen out of her routine. Her tantrums can interfere with her ability to carry out tasks during the day. She will be entering kindergarten in the fall and is otherwise a smart, fun, and loving child. I am not sure if this is OCD/Anxiety or her sensory issues coming back. How do I know if she needs therapy and which kind (OT or a counselor)? Help please.

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Mar 24, 2010
by: Brooke

This sounds like my daughter. She's 3 years old and doesn't have the social/developmental characteristics of SPD, but has serious melt downs with tags, sock seams, buttons, seat belts hurting her and is also very finicky about food and dirty things. We met with her pediatrician for the first time today to begin the process of diagnosing and treating. It seems like OCD to me too & the doctor brought it up a lot. We'll see!

Mar 19, 2010
Anxiety and OCD observations
by: Anonymous

It really sounds like some of the SPD coming back- if the spd treatment does not carry on to home and school- problems continue- It also sounds like some OCD but you have to go to the experts for that. The anxiety around the clothes etc may be because the SPD is no longer being treated and she still needs the treatment-
I think a combination of starting the OT treatment up again by a trained SPD specialist as well as counseling to find strategies to cope and get her away from the OCD type behaviors-
just my suggestions

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