Anxiety in school testing

by Monica Ball
(Red Oak, TX)

My daughter was diagnosed as a young child with gravitational insecurity and didn't walk until she was 18 months old. At the same time she was diagnosed with some sensory issues. When the therapy was over, we were not referred anywhere and assumed that everything was OK (their goal was to get her walking, and they did), but the sensory issues didn't go away. She is going into 3rd grade this year and in 2nd grade made some 50's and 60's on tests because she would get so anxious about not getting finished, she would overwelm herself and just start picking wrong answers. I think this is due to the SPD, but want to confirm that.

What can I do to get it diagnosed in case she needs assistance at school with TAKS and other routine tests in class. I don't want to scenario build, but I am concerned that this could be an issue.

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Aug 19, 2009
Just keep trying/looking
by: Alisa

It's taken for my youngest(4y), well behaved son to have a fairly normal flair up of behaviour problems when I dropped him off at kindy to get pointed in the direction of child phycologist that is willing to take on my children and not blame me and he also works with the education department at the school with children. It's great news for me I know longer have to try to prove to school my kids need help.

I had to go private health route not public and tell my Dr to refer my children NOW basically.

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