Any advice for newly diagnosed SPD with temperature, clothing, and issues with being wet?

by Teresa

My daughter is 3 1/2 and was recently diagnosed with SPD they are thinking both internal and external factors. She has issues with always being too hot, won't wear a coat or wear appropriate clothing for the weather outside. We can't even run the heater in the car.

Are other major issue is with being wet. If she gets her sleeve wet washing her hands, if you touch her skin with a wet hand, anything like that she will freak out and tear her clothes off to go change. She complains about being "wet" in her private area all day and wipes until she is red and we make her stop. Her Dr. treated her just in case for vaginitis but it hasn't stopped the behavior. Anyone with similar cases or any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Jun 27, 2018
Being wet
by: Anonymous

My son will not touch anything wet or appears wet to include grass with shoes on. Clothes come OFF immediately every time no matter what, I have even had to buy clothes when outside of the house cause he got a drop of something on him and have gone to the school to bring him clothes because he got wet and his teacher could not consol him. Also has to eat anything wet or sticky with a fork.

Nov 16, 2008
theresa in wyoming
by: feener

oh my GOD - finally finally someone else dealing with the SAME exact thing. my daughter is 4 and has SPD, she too has the wet issue with clothes BUT even worse is the wet issue in her privates, she holds her pee b/c she doesn't want to get wet and once she finally does pee she wipes herself and has a fit that she will never be dry, and puts toilet paper in her underwear !!! it is hell b/c she holds her pee in forever. if you want to email me please do so feener44atdotcom

Nov 13, 2008
by: Michelle

I can not say for sure because every child is different but my son had these issues at that age and is a lot better now. He is 5 now and been going to OT for 2 years. The issues with his shirt being wet are almost gone. He use to change his whole outfit if there was a drop of water on it. He would have a complete meltdown if we were at the store and he could not change immediately. When he would go to the bathroom he would take all of his clothes off for fear of getting his clothes wet.

The changing clothing stopped after about 4 months of OT and the taking all of his clothes off in the bathroom just stopped last year. The OT taught me how to brush him and I think the brushing helped him tremendously. It will get better with the help of a OT who knows sensory processing.

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