Any ideas?

by XMommyX

My 4 year old son has PDD-NOS and only eats about 10 foods. None of these are healthy. We are working with an OT. He is constantly wanting to suck on things and I am tired of handing him sugary suckers and popsicles all day. Does anyone know of a sensory toy or something that he can suck on for long periods of time that doesn't make noise and that isn't going to make him drool a lot. Also, it needs to be pretty smooth because he cannot tolerate rough texture. Thank you.

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May 10, 2013
finding something to offset sucking and chewing
by: Janice

Our school gave my son a red "chewy" shaped like a T and a bit thicker than a pencil. He wore it on a string and chewed on it instead of chewing on the pencils. Also, you can freeze 100% juice boxes just after they become thick slush and he can suck on the straw (it is a lot of work with slush) and get some nutrition. All the best.

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