Anyone know what would cause a SPD child to just Freak completely out and take off running?

by Ann McCoy
(Spring creek, Nevada)

Our son was diagnosed with SPD, Fine motor dyspraxia, and coordination disorder little over a year ago and he has seemed to be doing better with all the therapy and everything that he is doing, but lately he has been having MAJOR meltdowns more and more and then today he was fishing with my husband and he flipped out and took off running thru sagebrush. He was screaming and thrashing around and my husband couldn't get him to stop and my husband had to tackle him to stop him. This first incident was supposedly started because of an ant crawling on his arm. Then they moved locations and a fly was flying by and yet again he flipped out and wouldn't stop. My husband put him in the vehicle to try to calm him down and he went crazy in the vehicle. Has any one dealt with this or does anyone have any advice for us.. Please help we are very concerned.

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