Anything Dry, Makes Me Cry

I wash my hands a lot at my job and because of this they get rather dry. At some points in the day I cant touch any part of my skin with my hands or it makes me gag. The feeling of my dry skin makes me incredibly irritable and squeamish.

Along with that, I can't handle the beach anymore. The texture of the sand on my skin leaves me totally overwhelmed. Once I get to my towel I have to dust off any part of me that has sand on it and then put cream on immediately. Friends or family don't understand why I am so irritable at the beach, but they don't understand the discomfort I am dealing with.

The sensation of dry skin and dry, starchy fabrics leave my skin crawling and puts me in a completely unpleasant mood.

Skin cream and expensive fabric softeners are the only things that help me get through the day.

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